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19 sept 04

wow...it has been quiet dormant over here eh? i really don't know what to do anymore with this space - most of my chit chat is over at the zap book.

8 jun 04

Tom your gay ass shit is here...motherfucker.

16 may 04

the movable type release of version 3.0 is causing quite the uproar...both good and bad. i guess thats what happens when you give them a finger and they want the whole hand. i wish i had a server that could run movable type..then this weblog would just THAT much better...

14 may 04

as the year comes to a close, the courses i take require a bundle of presentations to be dealt with that the students must create. for the next little while i will dabbling with power point and flash to create certain class presentations. the reason for this point of occurance to be posted here, is due in fact to the ideology that social software rings a bell in a situation like this. i plan to hone in all my social software skills into these presentations to bring forth an easier and more entertaining understanding of what the subject matter being presented is.

the whole aesthetic and content aspect of these presentations will be taken highly into consideration, for example:

- Learning from weblogs (Tom Coates).

hopefully this sort of thinking towards social interaction in the learning process will get me a damn good mark.

11 may 04

in continuation of the "magic 150" post, some notes to end off the discussion:

social anthropology
- in terms of physical social attention span, 150 seems like max. number of people one can remember.
- are 150 people all the one can recognize socially?
- magic 150 possibly could help us to remember each other on a name to name basis.
- could someone who has more than 150 aquaintances, lets say 175 have more trouble remembering faces?

28 apr 04

due to recent enlightenments of eployment oppurtunities on our end, expect me to purchase a new laptop in the near future when funds start to flourish again. most likely an iBook or powerbook.

27 apr 04

with wireless systems on the rise these days, it brings in a whole new array of possibilities to advance and ease the lives we live. the other day, the very thought of having a wireless network within the household brought to mind countless innovative solutions to many problems. if the whole world suddenly went wireless (which i do predict will one day happen), i'm quite certain that changes in social anthropology would be hit with great impact. if people are already interacting on the internet from a fixed desk, imagine a group of people interacting together in a coffee shop for example BUT still with their wireless device.

at the moment though, it may sound like some kind of attack of the geek repetoire but in reality people have begun to do that. you never know, maybe the stereo type of the net geek being hauled inside in his parents cellar will fade away and they will triumph socially?

21 apr 04

too much free time, a massive history of the roman empire.

19 apr 04

ah the wonders of plugging one for another. i mean, here we see the glory of hyperlinks at work.

and yes hold that thought about the social networks of 150.

18 apr 04

a little while ago i spoke about the random number of choice taken by instant messaging aps in relevancy to contact names. i believe that number was 150 and to refresh some minds or bring people up too speed - it deals with the mental fact that people really only interact with 150 people at a time in their lives and really advance more than that due to memory or just physical abilities socially. technically it also means that the application servers can only handle so much at a time per user and that 150 is the most for each sign in name etc.

now bring that relevance in towards non-online groups of social attendance. in other words, get togethers (parties and such). i myself noticed that people (which again includes me in it) place their peers into two categories which very generally are "people i like" and "people i hate". we also have a sub group name of "people i can deal with" which is more so the in between of the two. pretty basic anthropologic thinking here, so it shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.

i realized that people tend to still filter around the 150 mark, maybe even less in regards to people that they'd actually hang out with at a given point in time and in a way relates to the memory and physical reasons to knowing 150 people.

this to be continued....(hold the thought).

14 apr 04

the public domain and its rules apply to that of the most basic of nomanclature and branding in our society. we have built ourselves as a group of people who all of a sudden decided to patent things in order to keep themselves rich or to make sure that what they created was theirs and no one elses.

the act itself originated after a man patented photography for himself in order to make money off of it. these days everything has a mark or brand on them that belongs to someone or some group of people. yet how far does one own something before it becomes to far? to the point that if we even use names for characters, one might be sued for the act of plagiarism or for accidentally stealing a story that doesn't belong to them because of one name (ex. Romeo)?

- can you patent a general idea? yes, it is possible right? i mean, people patent all sorts of idea's before they are even actually implemented onto the public. john lennon once said that he use to "find" songs when asked on how he would create them. if realizing that you have something that can change the world, is that not also finding it? when finding something you take other peoples trials and triumphs and then mould them into what could possibly be your own. so why is it possible to patent and own an idea that has technically something you have found...and possibly something other people used to find in their own ways?

- in most ways, the public domain would probably benefit if everything wasn't copyrighted. but then again, i am so wrong. think if mickey mouse lost its patent (which Disney did have a problem with a few years back), imagine how that would cripple a company who relies on that one sole mouse to represent its corportate entity to the world. mickey mouse is related to Disney through cartoons, movies, merchandisse, its theme parks, and the companies overall history.

the only thing that always annoys me with copyright and patent laws is how they penalize it onto teenagers for the fear that we'll make a profit out of such things. for example, if i student were to use a certain song in a certain short film he/she would have to contact the artist or his/her represntatives in order to gain full permission to use the song. most times this leads to some sort of fee which is too ghastly for any average teen to afford.

the only question to ever hit me is, "why fuck up a teenager for using something just for the purpose of enhancing a learning experience?"

13 apr 04

paused for design as a re-construct this website. i mean come on, it needed one haha. sit tight, i'll still make weblog type updates as often as i can but don't expect a redesign soon. well, i mean as i write here i'll be re-designing the site.

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